"It's okay to doubt

what you have been taught to believe."

Hear Me Roar - Katy Perry
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Erica Eccher founded Making Noise Productions while developing her persona ETC a.k.a. “Escaping The Chains.”


After spending years in a suppressed environment and constantly forced into a societal submission, Erica became awakened after meeting her current partner, and Life Coach, Chris Campbell. Through their close relationship dynamic and constant challenges of self-reflection and self-betterment, they uncovered many levels of her conditionings of suppression… a.k.a. chains.



Making Noise Productions is ETC’s platform of trying to wake others up, and find other individuals who are on a path of finding their own voice as well. With her loud expressions… she is looking to become more human, more connected and more on the path of loving her self and her family.


Since Erica is still learning to speak and although she may come off angry or emotional at times… she is filled with a passionate heart that desires to do better. Erica wants to learn how to love and she wants to learn how to care… and that’s what she is fighting for everyday. Her journey will continue to be one where she works on expressing herself to the best of her ability... as she fights to “escape the chains.”

ABOUT E.T.C. aka Escaping The Chains:

Erica was born on Long Island, New York, to a family of Catholic parents and a white woman in this society. Since birth she was given a religion to follow versus an understanding of why religion exists… and given an imposed expectation and standard of visual beauty versus an understanding of how to truly feel beautiful from the inside.


Since Erica’s voice is still growing she is incapable of articulating herself fluidly, which is why she considers what she is doing as “Making Noise.” Years of silence and suppression have created a bottled up soul… bursting at the seams. ETC is the persona which Erica uses to express herself. She wants to be heard and looks to be heard… but her approach and conversation topics are often ones that people in society aren’t ready to hear or willing to hear yet. Often what she says is tuned out, but she believes that the honesty in which she is expressing is necessary.