Kanker Vs. Human

a.k.a. People Vs. Human

Define: Person

Define: Person*

A person is someone who does not see the responsibility in their civility, in their duty to their planet, to their fellow human beings, and their environment. They lack the pursuit of knowledge for self and self betterment. They stay idle in singular pursuits of life.

A Person does not engage in critical thinking, allowing others to think for themselves. They are usually hesitant to move opposite of any scenario or situation that harms or demeans their image/status. Someone who lives in their convenience, comforts and/or privileges, and/or evades challenges to their conveniences, comforts, and privileges.

Define: Human*

A Human is an individual who uses the tools of moral and ethical truths to serve humankind.

A Human binds their self to like minded individuals in synergy to transcend all religious, ethnic, social, cultural, and educational variations for the betterment of all humanity and the world.

In synergy with other individuals, a Human finds ways in which to serve his trinity; Mother Earth, Father Universe, and The God Energy.

A Human is dedicated, and recognizes their responsibility for justice, truth, charity, enlightenment, freedom, liberty, honesty and integrity in all aspects of human endeavors worldwide.                          

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The Kanker/Person 7 Deadly Sins*

  1. Cognitive Dissonance/ Affluenza: The inability of change, or want to change from one’s comforts or status quo, which hinders the progress or upward mobility at the detriment of one’s comforts, conveniences and/or privileges. A painful contagious socially transmitted condition of overload debt anxiety and waste, resulting from the dogged pursuit of more. The inability to understand the consequences of one’s actions because of financial or racial privilege, and also closely associated with helicopter parenting.

  2. Bureaucratic & Paper Pusher: A person who is maintains the system, institution, and/or industry policies and rationales verses using logic and reason to discern from one’s own human knowledge. A person who uses depthless rhetoric and dialogue to keep from having to reveal their true qualities, characteristics, ethics, morals, ideologies, beliefs, biases, prejudices and/or racism.  

  3. Greed & Materialistic: To have more than needed to thrive. The hoarding of resources, technology, information, and aid while others live in poverty, despair and famine. To pursue objects or items that are absent of necessity, vitality, or exigency, while self and or others lack sufficient sustenance, shelter, and/or resources.

  4. Gluttony & Sloth: The process of going into extremes or excess of resources, commodities, food, water, etc., for the sake of one’s own satisfaction absent of rational inclusion of human balance/conservationism. Slow and lazy, lacks a sense of urgency, procrastinates, places priority for menial to unimportant tasks, (or outlook for their own particular comfort, convenience, and/or privilege), over the truths or evidence that focuses are needed elsewhere.

  5. Wrath & Violence:  Irrationale to uncontrollable anger, rage, violence, and/or prejudice. Engages in intentional biases due to feeling wronged by a particular group, sect, religion and/or demographic. Also, a person with wrath is usually set on hindering, obstructing, and/or countering the success of a particular group, sect, religion and/or demographic.

  6. Hedonistic & Extremes: The pursuit of one’s stimuli, pleasures, and comfort to the extreme and/or point of addiction, abuse, unhealthy, self deprecating to lethal and/or harm to one’s natural human success of evolution/progress. Engages in singular to podigious, hobbies, careers and focuses, with intent to exclude all other ideologies or concepts that should naturally incorporate into any theology of a singularly focused individual.

  7. Pride & Ego: A person, group or institution who has a foolish or irrational corrupt sense of personal value, status, and or accomplishment used synonymously with hubris.

*Kanker is based along the contrasts of authoritarian submission,

authoritarian aggression, conventionalism, conscientiousness,

extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.