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What does "The AABB" mean?

The AABB: The Accurately Angry Bipolar Blackman.


The AABB is the persona Chris Campbell has developed for himself. After understanding who he was, and how his environment and life's experiences influenced his characteristics. Read more about The AABB below.



Chris is emotionally accurate towards situations and scenarios. He believes in the accuracy of language and examples by speaking to what is understood. He does not embellish, exaggerate or go to extremes. He also refrains from using absolutes; words like never and always. Chris will yield to new information that is better, and more accurate, than his own.


A-ngry      “The right kind of Angry.”


Chris has come from a life of bottled up anger, which was fueled by a lot of energy. This is the result of being stiffened by his environment and hindered from rising to his greatest capabilities.


Chris’s anger is not overzealous or destructive, but instead a “Plight of his People” type of anger. He is tired of people being hurt and being inconsiderate of one another. He is angry about war, racism, human trafficking, greed, and intentional ignorance. He is angry that the worst of humanity is able to flourish and be glorified the way that it is.




Chris was diagnosed as Bipolar and Manic Depressive when he was 15 years old, and has been insomniatic for most of his life. He has been prescribed a variety of antidepressants and sleeping pills.


Before his diagnosis, Chris had experienced emotional switches; moments where it was difficult for him to perform simple daily tasks, and where killing himself was the only thought on his mind. After years of taking prescribed medications, and with his problems only persisting, Chris came to the conclusion that the medications were not helping him get any better.


Eventually, Chris grew to understand that his Bipolar persona was, in actuality, rational switches due to the situations that appeared in his life. He also began to believe that he was not Manic Depressive, but instead his emotional imbalances were accurate reactions to the life he had been dealt. Chris believes that he had been unfairly raised, and treated as a delinquent on many occasions when he shouldn’t have been.



Chris did not understand or experience a "race” issue until he moved to Kingsville, Texas, as a young kid. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where aside from a few fights, shootings, and hanging around cousins who were in gangs; he didn’t consider it rough because he understood that life was dependant on what situation you put yourself in.


Moving to Texas was a harsh transition for him. He was left in awe after many eye-opening encounters. For the first time, Chris felt that he was actually seen as Black. Chris was unfairly treated while in Memphis, but that was because he was intelligent and didn’t know it. In school, he asked many questions, raised his hand often, challenged topics and assignments, and hated doing busy work; leading his teachers to generally dislike him. He talked “proper” & “smart”, which made him stand out.

In Texas, during his teenage years, Chris started to gain weight & size on his mesomorph body frame. He began to notice that he started to intimidate people. This led to him being the scapegoat of situations when something went wrong, by being singled out, and being accused of being at parties he didn’t attend.  As he got older, he was often jumped by cops. During a random pull over, Chris was grabbed out of the car and slammed to the ground, while the other passenger was not treated equally. These occurrences really started messing with him emotionally, because he was the “good guy’ and didn’t get it.