Workout & Meal Plan Program made just for you!

A 3 4 Body’s One on One Workout & Meal Plan Program is designed to make the transition into a healthy lifestyle affordable and geared towards your ultimate success. After your initial consultation with Coach Chris, he will then put together your shopping list, meal plan and training program based off of your food interests, nutritional epidemiology, fitness background & ability, budget and personal goals.

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Coach Chris...

“Every day has an opportunity to become better than what you knew yesterday.”

                                                                                          ~ Chris Campbell

Weekly Check-Ins

I will make sure you are staying on track with your meal plan and workout

via email/text every week.

(Daily check-ins are available as well.)


I will provide you a diet based off

of foods you enjoy, as well as your nutritional epidemiology profile, that will help you reach your goals.

Transitional Education

With all of my Meal Plan Programs you will be receiving specialized transitional education, so no matter where you are starting from I can help you reach your goals.

Contests & Promotions

When you purchase a Meal Plan or Workout  Program, you will have the chance to enter A 3 4 Body’s Contests and Challenges to win prizes!



Meal Plan


Shopping List

Training Program

Weekly Check-Ins 




20 - 30 Minutes


4 Week Meal Plan

4 Week Workout Guide

4 Weeks





20 - 30 Minutes + 1 Call

8 Week Meal Plan

8 Week Workout Guide

8 Weeks




20 - 30 Minutes + 2 Calls


12 Week Meal Plan

12 Week Workout Guide

12 Weeks