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B-etter   E-fficient   S-ynergy   T-ransitional

Personal Training

A 3 4 Body's private personal training is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your fitness goals. A 3 4 Body works at the most proficient pace and style to bring you to your optimum.


Every session will consist of the most effective techniques for your progress. As your workouts begin to get more challenging, you will feel your body getting stronger. You will see results quickly! At A 3 4 Body, we do a continuous evaluation of your progress to maintain an accurate regimen aligned with your best results.  


Along with your fitness training, you will be educated on what will better align with your personal makeup; consisting of blood type based foods and nutrition dense meals. You will be provided resources and information to better align you with your most optimally sustainable lifestyle.


When you are a member of A 3 4 Body the lines of communication are open, we are here for you, the BEST you! With the combination of customized workouts, a personalized nutrition plan, and 24 hour support you will obtain nothing but the best results, with A 3 4 Body!

“It’s not just about the excuses, it’s about getting past the excuses.” ~ Chris Campbell

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