the Transition to a healthier...





"Giving respect and acknowledgement to Mother Earth, Father Universe & the God Energy."

What society has done to your MIND...

What is necessary



"Since the moment we open our eyes in the morning we are being influenced to feel and act in ways, which are out of our control..."

What society has done to your BODY...

"We operate in a culture where we are no longer growing our own food, but obtaining our meals through the drive-thru out of convenience..."

What is necessary



What society has done to your SPIRIT...

"Humanity is diminishing as we fight to hold on to jobs we don’t want, in fear of an alternative worse. Our priorities are misaligned..."

What is necessary



"the synergy you need to truly be free."

At the                                     ,

                Better Human Bureau

we believe in evolving 

The Mind, Body & Spirit. 

              IS NEcessary.


Why we are here

Our school systems and institutions are far from evolving us. They are conditioning, programming, and indoctrinating us to maintain a state of mediocrity. They deprive us from the ability to expand ourselves, maximize our full potential, or evolve into a thriving life; while flourishing in our greatest capabilities. 

These outdated systems and immoral establishments allow for some people to receive accolades and rewards; encouraging them to participate in a cycle destroying humanity versus pursuing a life towards avenues of true betterment.

Jobs have substituted our daily life, leaving the concept of "family" fractured and non-existent denying us the ability to develop a collective understanding of morals, ethics and values  to assist us through life. We yearn for immediate gratification versus quality relationships and personal betterment. 

Here at The Better Human Bureau, A 3 4 Body, and we are about assuring that the mind, body, and spirit are healed from the conditioned disease that our current society has plagued us with.


Our synergy of cooperatives is looking to achieve the greatest reversal of this “mediocre state” that been set by the standards of our society. We are dedicated to evolving each person into an “Au Courant Human”… an individual who is fully aware, present to life, and informed about the best

of what it means to be a successful human on a successful planet.


Your “BESTINY” awaits you!

Why strive for anything less than your BEST?


Better Human Bureau's Ultimate Program to "Mind, Body & Spirit" Evolution

Transition yourself into the BEST you possible.

The individuals who complete The Transition, 100% of them will find their balance,

align with their better selves, and have complete control of their own happiness.


Coming soon...


WARNING: You may become conscious from watching this video!

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"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

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Better Human Bureau
For Your Mind.
A 3 4 Body
For Your Body.

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