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they simply need the tools."

Enhance your quality of life.


Gain an authentic identification of who you are.


Align yourself with who you want to be.


Start living your life on purpose.


Better Human Bureau’s Coaching Programs are structured in One-on-One or Group environments. Pricing and Plans are customized per session. 

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"Growing People into Humans."

Listening & Communication

Conversation Skills, Communication in Relationships, & Complete Awareness

  • Do your conversations end unresolved?

  • Do you feel you are defending yourself during arguments?

  • Do you feel you are being misconstrued and misunderstood?

  • Do you find it difficult to understand the point of a conversation?

In Listening & Communication Coaching you will learn how to be present

in your conversations and have complete awareness of your words.

You will understand of how to pay complete attention in conversations in real moments, and how to perceive body language, emotional reactions and facial expressions. You will gain the ability to adapt and apply better information to your life, and come to a resolve in your conversations.


Love & Relationships

Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling  

  • Do you have difficulty maintaining relationships?

  • Do you often find people untrustworthy?

  • Do you understand that there are other variations of Love?

  • Do you understand which area of love you are in?

  • Do you believe you struggle to recognize True Love?

In Love & Relationships Coaching, you will learn the “Variations of Love,” and which ones you fall into.

You will learn to identify which areas of love others fall into.


You will learn how to have complete conversations about your fears, your likes and your dislikes

so you can deepen your relationships. You will have a more accurate understanding of your relationships, and know how to clear yourself of toxic ones.


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Love, Respect & Consideration.


Fitness Planning, Meal Planning, Meal Prep Courses, Motivational Training

Health & Wellness

  • Are you always rushing to eat?

  • Are you eating out more than eating cooked/homemade meals?

  • Are you easily winded, tired, exhausted?

  • Do you have low energy?

  • Do you know how you could eat better?

  • Are you staying hydrated?

  • Are you happy with your body?

  • Do you know what foods to avoid?

  • Do you know what the most harmful and hazardous foods are?

In Health & Wellness Coaching, you will work with a coach to plan your meals and workouts

around your schedule, no matter how hectic life can be. You will find a natural balance of

what works best for you so your meals are not stressful or obtrusive to your natural flow.


Meal Plans are developed for you based on taste, expense and are time prep oriented.

You will be introduced to creative ways of preparing food items aligned

to your profile and nutritional epidemiology.


Fitness Plans will help you develop a realistic optimum version of you.

You will be guided and assisted on the track to obtain your maximum self.

A 3 4 Body

Transitional Health & Fitness

Melting Potluck

A 3 4 Body's Meal Prep Group


ADHD, ADD, Asperger's, Autism, Bipolar 1 & 2, Depression, PTSD, Post Partum 

Clinical Conditions

  • Do you suffer from clinical depression?

  • Do you feel unbalanced?

  • Do you go to extremes unnecessarily?

  • Do you have suicidal thoughts?

  • Do you feel a sense of hopelessness?

  • Do you feel isolated and alone?

  • Do you feel unable to communicate your wants or needs?

In Critical Conditions Coaching, you will learn what stressors or imbalances are present in your life;

in your body, mind and spirit, so you can alleviate those obstructions. You will learn how to look at

yourself from an objective viewpoint, while gaining knowledge of what is hindering you,

whether it be physical, environmental, chemical or subconscious.


We will work with you to put systems and routines in place to help counter episodes.

You will ultimately learn how to be in control of who you are, and what is needed to aid you in

growing to your fullest potential.


Business & Career

Career Advice, Decision Making Skills, Business Advancement 

  • How satisfied are you with your current role and career progression?

  • Is your full potential being realized with your current job?

  • Are you happy with your current work-life balance?

  • Are you maximizing your income potential?

  • Do you have a high quality of business etiquette?

  • Are you capable of being adaptable to new and changing markets?

  • Are you prepared to transition to the next evolution in technology and business?

In Business & Career Coaching, you will find areas to maximize and efficiently use,

to attain a better line to success.


You will find out how to prioritize and task your personal life like a business. You will gain an understanding of what smart investments are. You will learn how to move your life forward

in a way that will maximize and benefit your financial stability, and grow to an

overall place of abundance to THRIVE.


Spiritual Connection, Body and Mind Alignment

Life Balance

  • Do you feel as there is never enough time?

  • Do you find that you do not complete tasks and goals?

  • Do you have trouble with procrastination?

  • Can others depend on you?

  • Do you constantly feel rushed or anxiety by unexpected tasks?

  • Do you often take on more than you can handle?

In Life Balance Coaching, you will learn how to prioritize your time, tasks, and responsibilities.

You will learn how to integrate responsibilities that are vital to your sustainability as

personal necessities. You will gain an understanding of where you are in life, how to

delegate those in your life accordingly and accurately.

You will develop a plan and structure to alleviate factors such as stress, immobility, and procrastination, to free up time for self to evolve. You will find the ultimate balance for your life.


Family/Royal Tribal Court

Synergy, Economical, Cooperation, Duties, Healthy Hygiene Habits

  • How content are you with your spouse, siblings, children or even

       your extended family?

  • If this area of life is important to you, are you happy with it?

  • Is there a conflict with a family member you’d like to resolve?

  • Do you communicate effectively what needs to be delegated among family or household?

In Family Coaching, you and your family will learn how to create a synergistic environment among

family members. You will learn how to work together most effectively and efficiently, in your family dynamic. You will understand that a family dynamic may extend further than your relatives, by including those who are closely involved in your life.


You will develop improved communication skills, and establish coordination among your family on a greater scale. Together you will build a synergistic environment that is inclusive of the desires, needs,

and goals of all included. You will build a true synergy circle focused on optimizing happiness for all. 

Royal Tribal Court: Is the assigning of tasks, agendas, and criteria through a Royal Tribal Hierarchy. Individuals in a “Family” will be assigned titles and positions; to excel at said position for the greater of self and the tribe. Each position or title is meant to instill tribal pride, individual direction and inclusion set to the natural genius, abilities, and/or skills of the title holder; so to align them with maximization and optimization for themselves and the Royal Tribal Court.



Poly, Open, & Multi Person Relationships

  • Are you interested in a relationship outside of monogamy,

       or currently in one?

  • Are you having trouble communicating with your multiple partners?

  • Are all members satisfied and attended to? Does everyone

      feel included?

  • Do you have a structural template for potential future encounters?

  • How do you explain your relationship dynamic to your family/children?

In Multi-Relationship Coaching, our focus is to assist you in developing an organic symmetry for long lasting results, no matter what your relationship dynamic is. You will learn how to identify patterns

in your relationship to avoid discourse.


You will establish clear and concise communication to the desires, needs and expectations

of all involved in your intimate circle. You will set up action plans and procedures to include new relationships and dynamics to your circle. You will be able to identify jealousies, biases and any other inefficiencies to bring synergy among the multi person relationship.


Self Love

  • Do you love yourself?

  • Do you enjoy your reflection in the mirror?

  • Are you satisfied with where you are in life?

  • Do the people you care about enjoy the person you are?

  • Do you abuse yourself?

  • Do you let others abuse you?

  • Do you lie to yourself, or allow others to lie to you?

In Self Love Coaching, you will learn how to maintain and sustain a lasting fluid value of self.

You will learn how to identify and gain control for desired outcomes per situation and scenario.  


You will become capable of how to identify toxic language and people. You will understand how to manifest a self that is worth loving, and learn techniques to build a more confident and aware you.

Upon completion, your self-confidence will evolve to Self Love.

Healing, Honesty, Real Self


The Ultimate Journey to Your Bestiny. 



Transition yourself into the BEST you possible.

The focus of The Transition Program is to bring about the highest direction and focus, so by the

end of the program you have efficiently evolved to a better self. During your experience, the steps of evolution that you take will empower your unique talents, your individual genius, and the ultimate ability

to be free and in control of all that you are; in your relationships, your productivity, your finances,

your self confidence and an overall fluid empowerment in life.    

The individuals who complete The Transition, 100% of them will find their balance,

align with their better selves, and have complete control of their own happiness.


How It Works

The Transitions “Bestiny Plan”

The Bestiny Plan illustrates a profile of an individual to align them with their

most efficient way of being, their “Bestiny.” (Best-Destiny)


The Bestiny Plan is founded by a model of transitional learning-- a way of learning that gives the individual a detailed profile of who they are, why they are who they are, and how they think and learn.

With the revealing of their Bestiny Plan, comes an identity of their own natural gifts and abilities,

and the possibilities they can uncover with them. Individuals will discover the fundamental basics

of most human beings, and an awareness of their true selves and the unlimited possibilities

that align with their Bestiny.  

Growth.  Transition.  Evolution.


"The Steps to Evolution & Consciousness"

The Transition is Better Human Bureau’s Program geared towards the ultimate transition from

person to human. The Transition Program operates quarter annually, and the courses run

on a monthly cycle. Our next Transition is set to begin its cycle August 2019.

The Awakening

(Highly Suggested)

“The Information”

The Cleanse

(Required for Members)   


“The Retraining”

The Grub

(Highly Suggested)

“The Feast”

The Alignment

(Required for Members) 

“The Balance”

The Awakening   “The Information”

The Awakening Course will bring you to an accurate current understanding of life and how it came to be. This course will focus on giving you all the necessary information to understand the Now;

what you have learned in life, and how you came to be who you are.


You will gain an understanding of how society has evolved into its current state, how individuals evolved to where they are, and the fundamentals of what influenced you.


The Awakening will open your eyes to what is holding you from being a true human.


The Cleanse  “The Retraining”

The Cleanse Course focuses on bringing you to an understanding of how to better yourself. It is designed to re-train you from your fears, tendencies, anxieties and bad habits; imposed on you from society.

The Cleanse will wash away the inhuman qualities of the person you are.


The Grub  “The Feast”

The Grub Course will bring you to an accurate understanding of the information and directions that are needed for you to find your alignment. You will gain an efficient profile of what you can do to obtain

your alignment; from meditation to the types of people you should surround yourself with.


The Grub will feed you all the skills you need to thrive as a Human.


The Alignment   “The Balance”

The Alignment Program will guide you to finding your genius and an accurate role in life. 

After learning your alignment, and understanding how to operate to your best, you will then be

put into the places that you will thrive from the most.


The Alignment will balance your life to obtain abundance.


The Au Courant Human  "Your Birth Date"

After successfully completing The Transition Program, members who become present to life,

and reborn as a human, will be certified as an Au Courant Human.

This is the Graduation for members who completely evolve from Person to Human.  

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"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

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