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"Your BEST is our Standard."

With A 3 4 Body’s revolutionary fitness programs, you have the ability to achieve great results quickly, without having to spend hours at the gym. We believe in maintaining a balanced life. From instilling an inner-self knowledge, to “guilding” you with a Synergy Circle, we provide you the necessary tools to optimize and maximize the best version of you.


At A 3 4 Body you will find routines and programs that improve your life, rather than consume your life. With the combination of customized workouts, personalized nutrition plans, and 24-hour support, you will obtain nothing but the BEST results!

It’s easy to make excuses to avoid a workout among the chaos of a busy life...

Fortunately, at A 3 4 Body, we are all about solutions!

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Personal Training

A 3 4 Body's one-on-one Personal Training is the fastest and most efficient way to reach your fitness goals. Our team works at the most proficient pace and style to bring you to your optimum, and you don’t even have to leave your living room.  


Your custom sessions will consist of the most effective techniques geared towards maximum progress. As your workouts begin to get more challenging, you will feel your body getting stronger, and you will see results quickly! At A 3 4 Body, we do a continuous evaluation of your progress to maintain an accurate regimen focused on the best results. We are far from going to give you facts… our team is focused on inspiring you to strive for your best potential.  

"No Gym. Simply Life."

Biggest Dance Off

"Dance yourself to the BEST you."

The Biggest Dance Off is A 3 4 Body’s dance workout program (for any age or skill level), that includes organic movements and a personalized music playlist.


A 3 4 Body has gone beyond the typical dance routines, and created a program geared towards maximizing any individual. Workouts are exciting and all inclusive: incorporating multi-genre music, diverse movements, and multi-cultural dances.


By surpassing the boredom of usual dance programs, that give you steps to mimic, at the Biggest Dance Off you are your own choreographer. We simply provide you focus areas and guidance in your direction. You far from need to be a professional dancer to participate… all we ask is for you to be up for the challenge!

"A Family that works out TOGETHER

grows stronger TOGETHER."

Baby Weight

"Lose your Baby Weight... with Baby Weight."

Whether you have a “baby on the way” or a “baby in the way”… we have you covered with Baby Weight. Inspired by A 3 4 Body’s “No Excuse Workout Dynamic,” Baby Weight was developed to encourage parents to engage in workouts while including their children, versus using them as an excuse.


Baby Weight’s creative child-inclusive workouts allow for parents to build strength, have vibrant energy during the day, and develop a balanced plan to maintain (no matter how demanding their schedule is)… to ultimately lose their “baby weight.”


Results from our program have shown that working out with children; helps with depression, postpartum depression, and the overall health of children, as well as enhancing a positive environment for parent/child bonding. 


Transform a typical excuse… into your motivation. Sign Up Today!

A Workout is BETTER together!


We have group rates and membership plans whether you want to join with your friends, your family or your apartment complex!

"We work where you work."

"Where-You-At" Workouts


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"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

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