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What society has done to your BODY:

We operate in a culture where we are no longer growing our own food, but obtaining our meals through the drive-thru out of convenience. Our lives are so busy that majority of us lack the time to research what is best, blindly eating whatever visually appealing product we choose to satisfy our cravings. Living in this system of surviving; we overindulge, we choose foods that are toxic to our bodies, we rarely cook for ourselves, we are less active, and we allow stress and anxiety to take control over our lives. 

The United States is the most overweight country on the planet, with 78 million adults and 12.5 million children obese. Since the 1970’s, the number of fast food restaurants have more than doubled, and more than 23 million Americans live in areas that are more than a mile away from a supermarket. At the rate our health is declining, studies show that by 2030, half of Americans (115 million adults) will be obese.

To make matters worse on our bodies, most of our days are so stressful that we barely schedule time in to work out. For the majority of us, if we lack the natural mentality to workout, we avoid doing it. Currently, less than 5% of adults participate in 30 minutes of physical activity each day, and only one in three children are physically active everyday. Only 6 states in the entire country require physical education in every grade, K-12.


A majority of the population is over indulging, and others are partaking in extreme diets and fads. We are stuck in a routine where we are constantly putting our health as an option versus a necessity… we lack balance, and we lack the accurate knowledge in how to take care of ourselves, or one another.

What is necessary to TRANSITION:

At A 3 4 Body we are about a “no excuse” workout mentality. We believe that no matter what your background is, what your age is, or what your physical capabilities are… that you can find ways to be active in any environment. With understanding that most of us have hectic lives and busy schedules, our programs are proven to get individuals on the healthiest path, while including the whole family in the process.


Our meal plans are far from extreme diets, or fads that focus on either only meat or only vegetables… we believe in a balance and a transition into better options of the meals you enjoy. We assist you in evolving from simply “eating food,” into consuming nutrient dense meals tailored to your epidemiology. We are here to guide you on your journey; no matter where you are starting from… we are dedicated to finding your BEST.


A 3 4 Body


"Where your BEST is our standard."

At A 3 4 BODY we are about more than assisting you “lose weight.” With our training you will gain skills

and techniques necessary to shift into

an overall healthier lifestyle.


Taking every excuse out of the equation, our coaching programs are customized around your schedule, body type, fitness goals and capabilities. The ultimate goal is to organically build your own independence… so you’ll never have to sign up for another fitness program again!


Along with your fitness training, you will be educated about food that best align with

your personal makeup: consisting of nutrient dense meals and super-foods.

After joining A 3 4 Body’s family, you will become empowered to make healthier decisions on your own while gaining the confidence to maintain your most optimally sustainable lifestyle.

At A 3 4 Body, we are dedicated on instilling results that stay with you for a lifetime!

"A World of Food in one Place."

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"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

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