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What society has done to your SPIRIT:

Humanity is diminishing as we fight to hold on to jobs we don’t want, in fear of an alternative worse. Our priorities are misaligned, and our health is declining do to the lack of time to prepare ourselves nutritious meals. Our jobs are wearing us down mentally, our fast foods and processed meals are deteriorating us physically… and in turn our spirituality is non-existent.


Most of us are working for evil companies; 97% of our jobs are exploiting humanity, destroying our planet and killing off its inhabitants. Our employers own our time; and after a long day we return home exhausted and drained of any passion to work on our selves. We have submitted ourselves to earn a living through a job, teaching our children that the measure of success and happiness is how much stuff you have. Working to make money instead of working on evolving ourselves leaves us descending into a depression.


Americans are the most drugged people in the history of the planet. Currently, close to 70% of all Americans are on at least one prescription drug, each coming with side effects as well. In the US today, prescription painkillers kill more Americans than heroin and cocaine combined. We’re a nation in crisis, and all leads back to who are financially benefiting from our misery… and it’s our fault for choosing to participate in it.


Without a true purpose, our souls are disconnected from one another, and we have become empty bodies with fearful and obedient minds. We are enslaved to the objects we are taught to yearn for, valuing material possessions over intimate connections.


Even though time is moving forward, our everyday choices are holding us back.

What is necessary to TRANSITION:



The Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate (C ) focuses on building the mind, body and spirit of families, to better over all communities and members of the world. Our vision as a non-profit is to evolve the family dynamic to be more inclusive, considerate and deliberate in the family’s day-to-day activities and duties.


We focus on transitioning each family member into a healthier physical, mental and spiritual state through “guilding” and cooperation. C  provides a series of programs, education and coaching for families and communities to bring about cultural betterment.


With our understanding of the stress society suffers from, our solution is to empower each individual as a member of a family with necessary duties to create unity and synergy. Those who take on a purposeful role within their family will then be more open to taking on a similar role inside of their community. By evolving the family, we shift surviving into thriving… thus having the potential to influence the world.


Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate


"Healthy Family = Healthy World."

Our MISSION is to assist families & communities in thriving

mentally, physically, and spiritually through cooperation. 

Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate (C  ) is a

New Non-Profit organization, with our start in Memphis, TN.

Our goals and projects focus building a better Memphis; through community betterment and beautification...

inspiring Memphis to be an example for the world.


We believe cooperation and dedication from our community members will allow for limitless possibilities!


Learn more about C , Our Projects & Our Cooperatives...




Donations are tax-deductible. THANK YOU!!

*As a nonprofit organization, Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your generous contributions to our Cooperative are tax-deductible.

“We do everything HUMANLY possible to make sure you have everything you HUMANLY need to thrive.”

The Human Standard

"Giving respect and acknowledgement to 

Mother Earth, Father Universe & the God Energy."


Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate (C  ) abides by the laws and principles derived from Toruslim.

Toruslim is a way of life; which standardizes the rituals and habits we do on a daily basis

to correct/counter our negative programming per individual or groups of individuals

to bring about the Au Courant Human.


We support and enhance ongoing efforts to ensure nature, plants and animals exist, thrive, and evolve.

We also look to shift from a human-centered system to one that is Earth-centered; a system of law which protects the inherent rights of nature, plants and animals so we can thrive together.


In Toruslim we regard nature, plants and animals more than property to be used for human benefit,

but as partners bearing rights in which humanity can/will co evolve with.

The purpose of Toruslim members, for/all individual groups, sects or cultures, to take an active role

in creating and organizing an Idyllic Order, Law, Education, Health, Economics, Nutrition, Agriculture, Relationship to be determined for each member by each working with purpose

to attain the highest Personal, Social, Spiritual Virtues, and Truth.


The right of each human and family of humans:


  • to efficiently maximize to best natural self.

  • to fair and equitable competition, trade, barter, duties and tasks.

  • to the best nature of necessities; which include shelter, technological connection,

food, water, clothing, education and basic stimuli.

  • to the best health care and idyllic health education for self independence.

  • the best care from the nature of old age to death; regardless of sickness, disability

or inability to perform standard tasks and duties.

  • to obtain enjoyment resulting from one's attainment of purpose, consistency and thrivement.

Each member is to be an example of a way to dissolve the false assertions of prejudice, racism, sexism, bigotry, classism, intolerance, fear, mediocrity, and control, to reveal the tribal spirit guide system; which embraces equality, equity, individuality, abundance, bravery, and freedom as well as righteousness-- and far beyond simple social categories. A standard example which exemplifies the Bestiny available to each; regardless of race, culture, disability, or sex. The doctrine followed by all Toruslim members is absent of any literalisms or materialisms of a fundamentalist adherence to precepts we no longer deem truth, fact, or without scientific evidence.

Each member will attempt to guide self along a Natural Law while ensuring a “Gross Member Happiness Index;” which is a pursuit of happiness by way of evolving all, for all aims of life.

These are the virtues, morals, ethics, and principles that are universal and universally expressed at all times and places in the universe(s) by each Toruslim Member. We as members are ecumenical, and owe much to the body we use with the physical inheritance it brings us through gender, race, and cultural heritage, so to establish individuality/self identity to better interact with the variations humans come in. Part of our duty on this planet is to shed ourselves of our ancestor’s archaic ideologies, to abide by our Bestiny, the rituals, customs, traditions of the Clan and Tribe in each country of Toruslim. Members must maintain Maat, the concept of Truth, Balance, Order, Harmony, Law, Morality & Justice. Toruslim pursues a future in which humans, plants, animals and nature flourish together.


Donations are tax-deductible.


"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

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