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What society has done to your MIND:

Since the moment we open our eyes in the morning we are being influenced to feel and act in ways, which are out of our control. From the phone we use to check our emails, to the brands we dress ourselves with, to the music we listen to, and to the food we buy on the way to our jobs… the media is persuading and controlling our mentality in underlying negative ways.


We spend our time and energy focused on self-pursuits and satisfactions, thus turning our backs on more important values in life, such as loving oneself and building quality relationships. Those who suffer the most are our families.


Our families are fractured, and our children are suffering from it. In our society, nearly half of American children are born to a mother who is not married, and forty-three percent of children live without a father in their home. Currently, 14 million single parents are responsible for 28 million children. Our “adults” are trapped in a routine of making ends meet; leaving children without quality education, nutritious meals, or an example of how to love one-self and flourish into productive members of our society.


We have become automatons; repeating days, repeating moments and repeating experiences… thinking that we are feeling life, but blinded from actually connecting to it. We are slaves to what we want, hurting ourselves, and those we say we love… existing day after day without pursuing what we truly need to thrive.

What is necessary to TRANSITION:

At The Better Human Bureau, we truly believe it takes a village to raise a child… and that children are the heart and soul of our future. As adults we must take on more responsibility in who we are, who we have been and what efforts we can pursue together towards transitioning into a healthier future.


Our programs focus on building synergy among family. In working with us at The Better Human Bureau, you will learn that a family dynamic extends further than your relatives, by "guilding" those who are closely involved in your life. You will be assisted in building a family dynamic around you that works together most effectively and efficiently. As a result, you will have created a true synergy circle focused on optimizing happiness for all, while achieving all of your goals and desires.


Better Human Bureau 


"Growing People into Humans"

Our Philosophy

We believe there is no right or wrong in life... but there is a better.


At The Better Human Bureau we understand that people come from multiple backgrounds and geographical areas; and because of this, they have developed many rituals, superstitions and beliefs. These dynamics make up a person’s moral and ethical compass.

Since so many of our makeups vary, it would be difficult to hold all people universally accountable for what any particular group/sect/culture has deemed "right" or "wrong" on any particular individual’s  background or product of their belief system. We understand that society has put a block on the evolution of the human being.

Our Education System is to assist in transitioning people out of their conditioned dependency, and into an independent state. We believe that society, and the governing hierarchy, has seduced society into a mediocre status quo self-directive.


At The Better Human Bureau, our focus is to evolve the conditioned PERSON... 

into an independent HUMAN.

Living Life on Accident


Living Life on Purpose

Ask your self these questions:
  • Are YOU where you want to be in life?

  • Do you know the BEST for yourself?

  • Do you LOVE your reflection?

  • Do you take care of your BODY?

  • Do you take care of your MIND?

  • Do you challenge yourself to be BETTER?

If you answered No to a majority of these questions, chances are you are living life on accident.

To Live Life on Accident: is when you allow your environment to infringe on what the best version of you can become. When you live life on accident, you are giving responsibility or power to everything else, losing sight of what exists within you. This happens when you allow excuses and uncertainty to hinder yourself from learning, growing, or living for the betterment of self.

With Better Human Bureau, all of your answers would be YES!


To Live Life on Purpose: is to take responsibility where responsibility is seen. It is about doing better in life where improvements can be made. It’s consciously living and making decisions in the moment based on what is best for the self and others. It involves observing what is happening in the world and putting patterns of understanding together to cognitively move forward.

Live YOUR Life on Purpose!  Be the Best YOU!

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"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

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Better Human Bureau
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For Your Body.

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