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Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate

c  on the move in Memphis, TN


Our VISION as a non-profit is to evolve the family dynamic to be more inclusive,

considerate and deliberate in the family’s day-to-day activities and duties. 

Inside our cooperative is an opportunity for members to be able to expand their lifestyles and broaden their possibilities; while bettering them selves and one another. We direct our attention on education

that is necessary for us to operate on a higher plain; ultimately shifting surviving into thriving.

Get in Where YOU Fit in!

At C   there is a duty for every individual who is working towards bettering themselves and the world around them. Below you will find some of our many cooperatives, projects and concepts formed by

our group of innovate thinkers and passionate team members.


Our goal is to have a place for everyone to thrive

by exploring their talents and capabilities…


So if we don’t have a place for you yet, we will create it!



“Bringing HUMANity to the People.”


Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Erica Eccher

Charnell Johnson

Chris Campbell

Meet their Voices

Chris Campbell


Better Human Bureau

A 3 4 Body

Positive Propaganda Productions

"What's Worth

Scouring About?"

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Charnell Johnson


Buildabu Body & Hair Care

Most Efficient Motors

New Human Day Care

"A STRONG woman stands up for herself, a STRONGER woman stands up for others."

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Erica Eccher


Simply Prissy Bakery

I.C.U. Printing & Design

Melting Potluck

"It's okay to doubt what you have been taught to BELIEVE." 

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May Day Events

"Making Memphis move to a healthier beat."

C   is planning to bring May Day Events back to communities, starting here in Memphis, Tennessee. We are focused on building healthier children, families, and community by providing safe and positive extra curricular activities. We have begun our games and activities with family and neighborhood children, and plan to expand to parks, schools, and apartment complexes throughout the city of Memphis.


Cars 4 The Community

"Your Car Gives Memphis a BETTER Chance for a BETTER Community." 

Cars for the Community is our program which utilizes donated vehicles to provide for multiple community betterment projects. Our focus is to build up Children’s foundations, better the qualities of run down apartment homes, and replace areas with permaculture and renewable energy sources.

Each car donation receives a tax-deductible receipt and eligibility for our barter services.

Donate Today!

Questions about our Barter Process? Contact us!


“Bettering Humanity, the Community & the World… one block at a time.”

The Better Human Project aims to transition apartment complexes into Intentional Sustainable Community Tribes.


We implement our project by teaching people how to operate amongst each other (in unity) to refurbish blighted apartment complexes into self-sustainable eco-communities. We believe that bettering and beautifying Memphis will be possible by utilizing; community gardens, greenhouses, renewable energy, solar panels, rain reservoirs, and other permaculture driven projects.

Our Mission is to revitalize communities

with cooperative organizational programs.

Our Vision is the ability for

each person to thrive vs. survive.


Donations are tax-deductible. THANK YOU!!

MEet the aabb


Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 11.23.24

Check out Chris Campbell

as The AABB...

The Accurately Angry

Bipolar BlackMan.

The melanated messenger

The Melanated Messenger, brought to you by C  (Cooperative Coalition Conglomerate),

is a digital newspaper of solutions and concepts to bring about the transition and evolution

of humanity, starting with the melanated community.


The vs. SERIES

The Vs. Series is necessary because we need to have these conversations…

the ones people usually run from.


We need to understand that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to do things… but there is a better.

We are under the understanding of why language is so important.

The words we use help mold our reality, and to mold a better reality, we must use better language.

Humanity needs a transition and it begins with each human.

Let’s thrive together!




Audio Available!


Meet Buildabu

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THE SANctuary

The Sanctuary is a safe place where cannabis users can come to engage positively with others. From spoken words and open mic nights… to a health center, a fully equipped kitchen and restaurant area, a carpooling service and smoke-free daycare for children… we have it covered!

We are looking for funding to build our first location in Memphis, TN. Donations are Tax-Deductible.

Donations are tax-deductible.


"Making Memphis Move

to a Healthier Beat."

Support Us!


Better Human Bureau
For Your Mind.
A 3 4 Body
For Your Body.

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